| the AVP Wedding Experience |

Yay! You are getting married! You found THE one, got the ring, and now the fun of planning begins.

As your photographer I want to make this experience as easy as possible. I want to know your love story, how and where your fiance proposed, and what you love about your soon to be husband/wife. I want to understand your vision for the day, so I can capture it perfectly for you. It is so important to me as a photographer that we are the perfect match and by the end of your wedding day we'll be great friends!

When it comes to my style I love the natural light, the moody bold tones, and sunset sessions. Before we even meet I'll probably know what time sunset is on your big day- haha! We will take the posed smiling photos for mom, but I love the natural, true emotion, and laughter rather than the typical stiff looking poses.

I promise to photograph every single detail of your wedding down to those cute little forks that say "I do." Those little details mean so much to your big day. I promise to put my whole heart into your wedding day. When I say I put my whole heart into your wedding day it's definitely an understatement because I promise I'll be the photographer hiding behind the camera wiping away my tears during that emotional speech your sister is giving, or your daddy-daughter dance...don't even get me started on mother-son dances! Lastly, I promise to be there as your photographer, but also your friend.

What's next?

Let's chat! I can't wait to meet you and your fiance!

Let's plan a date to meet. I'd love to hear your love story, the details of your wedding, and answer any questions you have for me.   We will discuss your timeline and what kind of coverage you'd like then we can discuss what wedding collection would be best for you and what collection works best with your budget.  Lastly, we will plan a date and location for your engagement pictures!

Engagement Session

I always get asked should we do an engagement session? My answer will always be YES!

There are numerous reasons why:

First, it helps get those nerves out that you have about being in front of the camera. This will make wedding day a lot more relaxing.

Second, wedding planning can be so incredibly hectic, overwhelming, stressful... the list goes on and on. An engagement session gives you and your fiance time together away from the planning. It gives you a date morning, day, or night. It gives you both a time to breathe and laugh together.

Third, you get to see how I photograph. This allows you to trust me with one of your most precious days! You trust in my crazy things I'll ask you both to do and you'll see the end result and hopefully you will love it!

 |Plus side you get beautiful photos together. |

So let's make memories together in your home, in the woods, on a beach, or your most sacred place together!

After your engagement session images are delivered 2-3 weeks on an online gallery where you can view, share, and order prints. 50-75 images are typically delivered with every engagement session.

Wedding Day

Finally, the day has come! It's wedding day!

Every minute of the stressful planning will be worth it today.

Today, I want you to stop what you are doing and soak in that hectic morning of hair and make-up. I want you to stop what you are doing and close your eyes because you didn't sleep from the wedding jitters you had all night. I want you to take a moment for yourself before you become a wife, husband, homemaker, and someone's forever. You are taking a moment to just breathe.  Take these moments because you deserve them. Whether you spent 5 years, 5 months, or weeks planning your wedding every bride and groom can all agree it's hectic, emotional, and draining.  Something goes wrong? Let me handle it! Cant't get that bustle up? Let me get it! Forgot the pen to sign your marriage license? I have one! I am here as your friend not just your photographer.

Lastly, I want you to relax, have fun, and get on that dance floor and dance your night away because the night will go by so fast!


The food is ate, the cake is gone, the dress is up, and the honeymoon is over now we patiently wait 6-8 weeks after your wedding for the delivery of your images. Images will be delivered on an online gallery where you can view, share, and order prints. You receive full printing rights as well. You will also receive a custom USB with your high-resolution images. 50-75 images per hour are typically delivered with every wedding.


The last thing anyone wants to talk about is money. It is never an easy topic to talk about. 10 out of 10 times  it's the elephant in the room. Wedding photography can be expensive, but at the end of the day you are left with these images for the rest of your life. These are the images your children and grandchildren will look at. LOVE your wedding photos!