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1.What were you nervous about going into your session & did we ease your nerves?

I was nervous just about being around someone with barely any clothes on! I am not super comfortable with my body (post-mom bod 🙌🏼) but once I was in the session, it was totally fine! I didn’t feel nervous, Alyssa and Riley made me feel SO comfortable and confident!

2. What was your favorite part of the boudoir experience?

The best part was the amount of fun that I had and that I wasn’t focused on my flaws during the shoot!

3. How do you feel now that your session is over?

I would one million percent do it again! I loved it and would HIGHLY recommend it for any woman to do!

4. What would you tell ladies that are on the fence of doing a session?

Pull the trigger and DO IT!!! It is totally worth it!!!

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