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1.What were you nervous about going into your session & did we ease your nerves?

Letting anyone see your body can be an intimidating experience. You become more vulnerable and exposed. As someone with many insecurities I was nervous that I would feel ugly or not "pretty" enough for this type of photo shoot. Yes! You absolutely did ease my nerves. You hyped me up the whole time.

2. What was your favorite part of the boudoir experience?

I loved everything about it. It was so empowering and freeing. If I had to pick one element, it would be Alyssa. I feel like the choice in photographer was the most important one. She made the whole experience fun and easy.

3. How do you feel now that your session is over?

I feel gorgeous, sexy, empowered, confident... in love with myself 

4. What would you tell ladies that are on the fence of doing a session?

Do it. The photographer will not judge you, she has seen all different body types. She will pose you to get the most flattering angles. And you should go in confident and have fun with it! You're beautiful and confidence really shows in the photos.

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