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1.What were you nervous about going into your session & did we ease your nerves?
I was Extremely nervous about my boudoir shoot because I didn’t want my self-esteem to get in the way of my photos and I had a lot of things I didn’t want showing. Alyssa assured me that she wouldn’t shoot an angle that wouldn’t look good and she would tell me what worked and didn’t work which calmed my nerves down and made me feel like I had nothing to worry about.

2. What was your favorite part of the boudoir experience?
My favorite part in my boudoir session was coming back in a new outfit, every time I did I felt more an more comfortable an confident on the poses I was doing an my facial expressions. An I love that you talk to us! I’m been photographed before an a lot of times they expect u to know what ur doing. Or they won’t communicate with u on what looks good an what doesn’t. I love that Alyssa does not hesitate!! An is constantly talking to me making me feel more relaxed.

3. How do you feel now that your session is over?
Now that my session is over I feel so incredibly confident! I wouldn’t usually post those types of photos an went in saying I didn’t want the photos on the fb page but once I seen them I was in shook. My confidence hasn’t been that high in awhile so I changed my mind an gave her full permission to post whatever ones she’d like! I’ve never felt sexier. I absolutely love the work she does an I’ve booked with her again since then an will continue!

4. What would you tell ladies that are on the fence of doing a session?
What would I tell ladies that are on the fence about the session… DO IT! I was definitely hesitant on doing it myself an I would’ve definitely regretted not getting them done if that’s what I decided. But I couldn’t be happier with my decision. Your worried about ur stretch marks? dont be, You won’t even see them. Your worried about ur poses, don’t be. She won’t tell u to do anything that wouldn’t look good! Your worried about a snag, rip or tag showing? don’t be. You’ll never know it was even there! Have an scars u don’t like. Ok, so it won’t be in the photo. She meets every demand u might have. She doesn’t take the photo an slap a filter in it. She takes her time and works with her clients to get a great finished perfectly product that you will fall in love with!

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