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How do I book a boudoir experience?
Just send me message! We can go over all the details, pricing, and any questions you have! Want to jump on the phone to discuss everything we can schedule a phone meeting. When you are ready to book I will send you an invoice and you can pay your session fee. Once your session fee is paid you are put on the calendar! YAY! I will then send a questionnaire and a guide for you! You must be 18+.  Information about the initial investment is found here.
How far in advance should I have my experience?
I recommend your experience be at least 4 weeks before you need your products in hand. 
If I do my own hair and make up do I receive a discounted session fee?
Hair and make up is complimentary to your experience, so your session fee doesn't change if you don't use it. I highly recommend you use their service! They will make you feel great and you won't be disappointed! The day is about you, you shouldn't have to worry about getting yourself glammed up that will be all taken care of for you! So relax sip and on as many mimosas as you'd like!
Can I bring someone to my boudoir experience?
Yes, of course you can bring your spouse or a friend! We love behind the scene photos! 
What happens if I don't know how to pose?
I don't expect anyone to know how to pose, we aren't all supermodels... even though I think you all are! I will certainly will helping you every step of the way through your boudoir experience. I will even get down and show you the exact way how I want you pose! So no worries if that's the reason you are holding back from doing a session.
What do I wear? 
One of the main questions! Take a minute and look over my Pinterest board. Once you book your experience I will send over my prep guide to help you get ready for your session. It will have the "do's" and "don'ts", lingerie ideas for all body types, places to shop for lingerie. My client closet is always open for you to use free of charge! It's filled with options from size XS-3X. I do suggest you bring at least 1-2 options with you just incase there is nothing you'd like to wear that's in the client closet. If you are undecided on what 1-2 pieces to bring, bring them all and I can help you decide! Please also bring a pair of black or nude undies! 
Do I have to get naked?
Nope! Not everyone gets naked. When you book your experience I will send over a questionnaire to help me understand your comfort level. If you want to do some implied nude shoots the sheets are a great choice! If by the end you are comfortable to do full nude we can do that! You are always in charge and I only shoot what you are comfortable with. The boudoir studio will always be your safe place!
Do I have to share my images online?
No, the choice is yours, only yours, and will always be 100% up to you! Ultimately, you don't have to decide until you see your images. You also have three options when it comes to signing the model release. 
-Full Model Release- You agree for any and all photos to be shared online that includes the website, the blog, Instagram, and the  Private Ladies ONLY Facebook Group. They will be used for advertising and marketing purposes as well.
-Partial Model Release- You agree your images can be used, but you'd like to keep anonymous and would like only images not showing your face to be used.
-No Release- You don't want any of your images shared online. 
As I said the release you choose is 100% up to you and I fully support your decision with whatever release you choose. A full model release is required for clients that are chosen for a model call session. The client is fully aware of this requirement before their session. 
What happens after my boudoir experience is over?
After your experience you will come back for your viewing/ ordering session, 7-10 days after your session, where you get to pick your favorites! You will be able to select your images from a set of proofs that are edited, but not completely retouched. We can go through them together one by one and pick out your favorites. At this appointment you will also have the option of purchasing individual products or a collection. No screenshots or photos of pictures allowed during your purchasing session. You are welcome to bring any one person to your session, but please remember this experience, whether it is a gift to someone else, is ultimately about YOU. I highly recommend not bringing someone who is super critical. This is an uplifting atmosphere, no judging going on here! You must make time for your viewing/ordering session.
Do I receive all of the unedited images?
We do not give out any unedited images, or RAWS.
What is the turn around time on products?
If your products are paid in full at your viewing/ ordering session your products will be ordered immediately after your gallery is complete and take about 7-14 business days to arrive. Once they arrive I will check them over to be sure they are perfect without any imperfections and they will be available for you to pick up. 
What if I can't afford to pay in full for my products?
Everyone has their own personal budget and that is completely understandable. I want to make products accessible to all my ladies and allow you to invest in yourself! So I offer PayPal Credit and payment plan through me. Read more about the products I offer and payment options here.
What is your rescheduling/cancellation policy?
I allow ONE reschedule as I do understand things come up and kids get sick. There is a reschedule fee of $50 this fee is non-refundable is required to hold your new spot. If you completely cancel your session fee is non-refundable.  If you must reschedule for a second time another session fee is required. 
If you have any other questions or concerns regarding a session, what to wear, or you are ready to book
please send me a message I am happy to help in any way! 


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