Products and Payment Plans

Before we jump in:

I want to discuss payment plans. Everyone has their own budget/ what they can afford and I completely understand that. I want to make all products accessible to everyone if they want them! 

There are many options when it comes to paying for products. First, pay in full. When you pay with this option you will receive your products as soon as they come in. With this option I accept cash, check, and credit cards.

The next option is applying for PayPal Credit. You will get easy monthly payments through PayPal and no interest for 6 months! This option is considered paid in full and you will also receive your products as soon as they come in.

Your last option is payment plans through me. This is the only option where you will not be able to get your products immediately, but as soon as your last payment is made your products are ordered. Payment plans through me are up to 10 months. Your first payment will be due at the signing of your payment plan contract.  All payments are final and non-refundable. I accept cash, check, and credit cards. There will be a $25 return check/late fee. 

The next few slides will be all products available to you. Description and cost. All fees are subject to Michigan’s 6% sale tax. Minimum order of $15


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Albums come in 3 sizes:




These albums are high end, hand crafted albums that will allow you to display your images for a lifetime. All albums have nice thick pages, so you don’t have to worry about bending. They are lay flat, so none of your images will be hidden in the seem. You will have the choice of 45 different cover choices: different materials and colors. All these options you will be able to physical see, hold, and feel. Your album will come in a black keepsake box perfect for gifting, and when it’s stored away you don’t have to worry about it getting ruined. 

An 8x8 album holds 20 images, 10x10 holds 25 images, and a 12x12 album holds 30 images. These albums are 10 spreads (20 pages). You will have the choice to upgrade your album for $150 no matter the size of your album. This upgrade will allow you to put all your favorites in your album without choosing and gives you 10 more spreads (20 more pages)!

8x8 Albums $350

10x10 Albums $450

12x12 Albums $550



Prints come in many sizes. If you don’t see a print size you want I can check to see if we carry it because these are not all the print sizes, just the most common.

Images are printed on high quality, professional lustre paper. You also have the choice of mounted prints. These will come on a heavyweight styrene dry board allowing it to be easily hung. Mounted prints are also thick and do not bend, styrene is also not susceptible to warping like a mat board is.


4x6- $3

5x7- $4

8x10- $6


11x14- $11

16x20- $35

16x24- $50


24x36- $110

Mounted Prints

8x10- $20

11x14- $35

16x20- $70

16x24- $90


24x36- $200

30x40- $215




You have the choice between:

Metal Print

Acrylic Wall Art

Metal prints are printed directly on high quality aluminum for a clean, long lasting finish. They are thinner and lightweight when compared to the acrylic prints. Acrylic wall art is a fine art glossy print mounted to acrylic giving the print quality and longevity that will last a lifetime. Acrylic art is thick and on the heavier side. Both metal and acrylic wall art come ready to hang with the float mount already attached for you. 

Metal Prints


8x10- $50

11x14- $90

16x20- $155

16x24- $200

20x30- $290

24x36- $465

30x40- $590

Acrylic Art


8x10- $115

11x14- $170

16x20- $260

16x24- $300

20x30- $405

24x36- $595

30x40- $850


Retro View Finder

This cool retro viewfinder comes with one reel of your favorite 7 images. 


Viewfinder- $60

Additional reel- $25

Heirloom Glass box

These hand-crafted glass heirloom boxes are the perfect keepsake box to hold your 4x6 prints. You will receive your favorite images tied in ribbon to gift someone or keep for yourself!

You have the choice of:


Rose Gold


Glass box- $175

Acrylic USB

All your favorites will come on your USB in a cute little black box tied with ribbon. 

USB- $125


Digital Mobile App


All your favorite images will be downloaded to an app and can be added right to your home screen on your phone! You can also share, so it can be on families phone too! You will be able to rename your app whatever you would like!

App- $15

App 2.jpg



Luxury- $950

12x12 Keepsake Album

20x30 Metal Wall Art

11x14 Mounted Print

Glass Heirloom Box

includes 4x6's of all 

your images 

Acrylic USB

Digital Mobile App

Gold- $650

10x10 Keepsake Album

16x24 Metal Wall Art

10- 4x6 Prints

Digital Mobile App

Blush- $400

8x8 Keepsake Album

11x14 Mounted Print

10- 4x6 Prints

Digital- $120

Acrylic USB

Digital App

Breaking It All Down

  • All products are subject to Michigan’s 6% sales tax


Again for payment plans:

Paid in full:

  • Pay with cash, check, or credit cards

  • Receive products as soon as they arrive


PayPal Credit:

  • considered paid in full

  • monthly payments through PayPal

  • 6 months interest free

  • Receive products as soon as they arrive


Payment Plans through AVP LLC:

  • up to 6-10 months 

  • monthly payments: cash, check, or credit card

  • first payment is due at the signing of your payment plan contract 

  • Products ordered as soon as your last payment is made


If you have any questions please ask! I can’t wait work with you!